VS Code Views

This page documents the Views added to VS Code by the Sigasi extension.

Project View

The Project View offers a file browser for your projects in which external folders that are not physically part of your project can exist. This can be useful for including external IP in your projects.

External libraries

Any (external) libraries and files that are not within the folder of the opened project can be added using the Project View. In the Project View, right click any file or folder to select the Add External File or Add External Folder option to add files and folders from outside the project location. The configuration of the external files and folders will be kept in a file external_libraries.json in the project root.

External files and folders can be added anywhere in the project. If you add a large folder (e.g. the unisim primitives), make sure to exclude the folder (Right click > Set to library > Exclude from build) from being build and only include the required files. Or just put the library files in a folder called Common Libraries. Then they will only be indexed and not analyzed for errors.

Buttons in the Project View

These buttons are available in the Project View.

  • Create a new file
  • Create a new folder
  • Refresh the Project View
  • Collapse all folders in the Project View

Hierarchy View

Since version 0.3.8, the extension includes a Hierarchy View.

Initially, the Hierarchy View will be empty. To use the Hierarchy View, right click an entity or module name in the editor and select Set as top level from the pop-up menu. This will populate the Hierarchy View with the structure of the toplevel.

As you make changes to the design, the Hierarchy View will not auto-refresh. To refresh the Hierarchy View, use the refresh button ( ).

When you want the focus in the Hierarchy View to follow your position in the editor, make sure to enable the link with editor button ( ).

Buttons in the Hierarchy View

These buttons are available in the Hierarchy View.

  • Expand the full hierarchy
  • Toggle link with the editor
  • Toggle showing only instantiations
  • Refresh the Hierarchy View
  • Collapse the hierarch