Setting up a Project

The extension will start once a .project file is detected in the root of the open folder.

The project settings and library mappings are now compatible with SiStE . See the Setting Up a Project manual page for all details.

For project configuration, open the Project View.

Library configuration

To change library mappings, you can use the right-click menu and select Set Library. Then you can select an existing library or choose New Library… to type a new library name.


The extension currently supports a single project per workspace. To open multiple HDL projects, open each project in a separate VS Code window.

Environment variables

Sigasi Studio supports environment variables in its project configuration, e.g. VUNIT to point at your VUnit installation, or PROJECT_LOC with the PATH of your project. You can also add your own environment variables.

You can configure these variables as follows:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+P to open the Command Palette
  • Select Preferences: Open Settings (UI)
  • In the Setting tab, navigate to Extensions > Sigasi > General > Custom Project Variables
  • Add environment variables and their values as required