Sigasi for VS Code extension

The Sigasi extension for Visual Studio Code brings the Sigasi technology to VS Code. The Sigasi extension is currently in Beta evaluation.

You can use your existing Sigasi Studio license or get a free trial license from

Please contact with any issues or questions that aren’t answered in the documentation.


Documentation of the Sigasi extension for VS Code is split in the following parts.

Tutorial and demo projects

A tutorial project and demo project are available through the extension.


The tutorial project covers most of Sigasi’s features. Press Ctrl+Shift+P and start typing Sigasi: Create tutorial projects to open the tutorial.

When the extension has finished processing you will see a number of issues for some files pop up in the file Explorer. There will also be a number of errors and warnings in the left of the status bar. When clicking the error and warning indicators in the left of the status bar, a problems overview opens where you can navigate through the error and warning markers.


You can also open a somewhat larger demo project using the command Sigasi: Create demo projects.

Other information

Other articles on our website can help to give you more information on using the VS Code extension.