Sigasi Studio tutorials

The best way to get started with Sigasi Studio is by going through the interactive tutorial projects which are included in Sigasi Studio.

When you open a new workspace using the standalone version of Sigasi Studio, by default two tutorial projects are opened. If you want to start the tutorial from scratch or if you use the plugin, you can start the tutorials by clicking File > New > Example… and choose the desired tutorial from the list.

A new workspace showing two tutorial projects

The tutorial projects which are opened by default in a new workspace are called Verilog Tutorial and VHDL Tutoral.

  • The VHDL Tutorial focuses on Sigasi Studio XL features using a sample VHDL project. Also the concept of VHDL libraries is explained in this tutorial project.
  • The Verilog Tutorial uses Verilog and SystemVerilog and covers both Sigasi Studio XL and Sigasi Studio XPRT features.

In addition to typical HDL-related subjects, you will learn to graphically navigate projects, use the preprocessor, browse class hierarchies, customize the graphics features, export documentation, and much more.
In addition, this tutorial also shows how to set up mixed language project by adding VHDL support to the project.

You can start the tutorial projects without a license. However, during each of the tutorials you will be encouraged to apply for a free trial license if you don’t have a license yet.

Follow the TODO statements

The tutorial instructions are embedded as comments in the source files. Following the TODO tags will guide you through the tutorial projects. No previous knowledge about Sigasi Studio or about VHDL, Verilog or SystemVerilog is required to complete the tutorials.