How to set up the UVVM Library in Sigasi Studio

Posted on 2017-10-18 by Bart Brosens
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UVVM is a popular Open Source VHDL Verification Component Framework for making structured VHDL testbenches for verification of FPGA and ASIC. When adding the UVVM_All  framework into a Sigasi project, it takes some configuration to map all files in the correct libraries.


For this example, we’ll open the UVVM_All framework in a separate project. You can also clone the UVVM_All framework into your own project and modify the steps here accordingly.

  • Download the UVVM_All  framework.
  • In Sigasi Studio, create a new VHDL project: File > New > VHDL Project, uncheck Use default location and Browse… to the location of the UVVM_All framework.

Once Sigasi Studio finishes building the workspace, you’ll notice a lot of error messages caused by incorrect library mappings.

Configuring the library mappings

By default Sigasi Studio maps all files to library work. This is not what the UVVM_All framework expects so we need to take following steps to correct the library mapping for UVVM_All.

  • Make sure the VHDL version is set to 2008.
    • In the Project Explorer, right click the project and select Properties > VHDL Version.
    • In the drop-down menu select VHDL 2008 and press Apply and Close.
    • In your project, right click Common Libraries and select Set Library > Reset Common Libraries.
  • Select all folders in the project, right click and choose Set Library > Map folders to folder name.
    Map folders to folder name
  • Go into the uvvm_vvc_framework folder, right click on src_target_dependent and select Exclude from build.
  • Next, we need to add symbolic links to the src_target_dependent folder in all of the bitvis_vip_ folders. We’ll create the symbolic link once and then copy and paste it into the other folders.
    • Click and drag the src_target_dependent folder onto one of the bitvis_vip_ folders while pressing the Ctrl key.
    • After dropping the folder the File and Folder Operations dialog opens. Here you set the radio button to Link to files and folders and make sure the link locations are created relative to PROJECT_LOC. Then press OK.
      Symbolic link to folder
    • You now can right click on the linked folder and select Copy.
    • Right click each of the remaining bitvis_vip_ folders and select Paste.


The UVVM framework is now mapped correctly in Sigasi Studio. There are two testbenches that can be set as toplevel and used to start a simulation.

  • bitvis_irq/tb/irqc_tb.vhd
  • bitvis_uart/tb/uart_vvc_tb.vhd

To define a toplevel, open one of these files and right click on an architecture, entity or configuration. Then click Set as Top Level.

If you want to skip all these steps, you can also download the UVVM_All framework including project files from where we cloned it . Then you can just import the existing VHDL Project.

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