Learn keyboard shortcuts with MouseFeed

Posted on 2011-11-11 by Hendrik Eeckhaut
Tagged as: keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts makes you a lot more efficient compared to using your mouse. But how to learn all shortcuts in an unobstructive and efficient way?

The users of our standalone VHDL development environment have certainly noticed the subtle popups with the keyboard shortcut, every time you click a button or menu item. This effect is achieved through the MouseFeed plugin. MouseFeed helps you to form the good habit of using keyboard shortcuts.

How can you enable this feature if you are using a standard Eclipse distribution? You just have to install the MouseFeed plugin.

MouseFeed popup for Open Declaration


  • Click Help > Install New Software…
  • Enter https://download.sigasi.com/updates/mousefeed in the Work with field and press Enter
  • Some plugins should appear
  • Select MouseFeed
  • Click Next (2 times), accept the license and click Finish.
  • Restart Eclipse

Note: Enforce the use of keyboard shortcuts

For die hard keyboard fetishists, MouseFeed offers an interesting option in its preference page to enforce the use of keyboard shortcuts (Preferences > Mousefeed > Action invocation). If you enable this preference, every time you try to start an action with your mouse that has has a keyboard shortcut, the action will not be executed; instead the popup will show you the shortcut. This way you are forced to learn and use the shortcut.

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