Hosting the Sigasi documentation in your secure and closed network

Posted on 2016-04-01
Last modified on 2019-07-17
Tagged as: howto

Some development teams are completely disconnected from the public internet, for security reasons. Engineers in these teams can still access the documentation on Sigasi Insights, using one of the procedures below.

Some things will not work if you view this website offline:

  • Video’s are hosted separately, and will not be available
  • External links will be broken
  • The comments sections use an external service and will not be available

Local build with Hugo

You can also generate the Sigasi insights page locally:

  1. Download the source code of the Sigasi Insights website from GitHub:
  2. Make sure you have Hugo installed
  3. Generate the site
    • Run the site locally with hugo server
    • Or generate the html code using hugo and copy the public folder to your internal server
  4. Visit http://localhost:1313 to see the documentation
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