Learn keyboard shortcuts to become more efficient

Posted on 2022-03-30 by Bart Brosens
Tagged as: keyboard shortcuts

Using Keyboard Shortcuts makes you a lot more efficient compared to using your mouse. But how to learn all shortcuts in an unobstructive and efficient way?

Users of Sigasi Studio and Eclipse have certainly noticed the subtle pop-ups with the keyboard shortcut, every time you click a button or menu item. These pop-ups help you to form the good habit of using keyboard shortcuts.

Key binding pop-up

Whenever you see this pop-up, try to memorize the keyboard shortcut so you can use it next time.

If you want to disable this feature, you can go to Window > Preferences > General > Keys and below Show key binding when command is invoked, uncheck the box for Through mouse click.

Key binding pop-up configuration

This article is based on an article from 2011 where the use of the MouseFeed plugin  was explained. Since, the same functionality has become available in Eclipse and is used starting with Sigasi Studio 4.15.

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