For some time it has been possible to integrate Sigasi Studio in Altera Quartus. Through feedback from our users, we have seen that this approach is good when starting a project or taking off with Sigasi Studio on an existing Altera Quartus project. However, as a project grows and when more of the development work happens in Sigasi Studio, keeping the link to the Altera Quartus project often gets in the way. Switching to a separate Sigasi Studio project is more flexible. For example, this allows to show the source files in a hierarchical way in the Project Explorer.

To make it easier to use Sigasi Studio based on a Quartus project, we have created a script to convert an Altera Quartus project to a Sigasi Studio project file. The script has been added to our SigasiProjectCreator Github project.

How to generate a Sigasi Studio project from a Quartus project?

1. Download scripts

You can either clone the GitHub repository or download a snapshot

2. Extract a list of source files from your Quartus project

quartus_sh -t <path to SigasiProjectCreator>/src/convertQuartusProjectToCsv.tcl <path to qpf or qsf file>

This TCL script creates a file quartus_files.csv which contains a list of HDL source files and their library information.

3. Generate the Sigasi Studio project files from the list of source files

<path to SigasiProjectCreator>/src/ <project_name> quartus_files.csv

This script generates the .project and .library_mapping.xml files that define the Sigasi Studio project.


When you make changes to your Quartus project, you need to re-run these scripts.