How can I use the IEEE Vital libraries with Sigasi Pro?

Posted on 2011-11-11 by Philippe Faes
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Some projects use the IEEE VITAL packages:

use ieee.vital_timing.all;
use ieee.vital_primitives.all;

Sigasi does not ship these libraries. In order to use the VITAL packages:

  1. Find a copy of those packages. Your FPGA software or your simulator may come with a copy. Look for files called prmtvs_p.vhd and timing_p.vhd
  2. Drag those files from your file browser (Windows Explorer, Finder, Nautilus) to your Sigasi Project Explorer. If Sigasi asks: you want to Link to files, with absolute paths. Link files with absolute paths
  3. Now, map the two files to the IEEE library: select both files in the Project Explorer, right click Library Mapping > ieee Map files to IEEE library

Read more about setting up Libraries in Sigasi Pro.


In order to keep Sigasi Pro fast, we recommend you avoid working with back-annotated or post-synthesis code. This code gets very big very fast and is not the main focus of Sigasi. Do not map the package bodies of the IEEE VITAL libraries.

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