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Posted on 2010-10-22 by Hendrik Eeckhaut
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In our latest release we focused development on improving the performance of our VHDL compiler so that Sigasi HDT can give faster feedback. We optimized VHDL analysis so that both the full build and incremental builds are much faster.

We also added another improvement to Sigasi HDT that we did not communicate about yet. In the latest download of the stand-alone application , we also updated the JRE, the Java Runtime Environment to version 1.6.0_22. The JRE is the engine that runs Sigasi HDT (and Eclipse). So every performance improvement to the JRE also speeds up Sigasi HDT.

If you downloaded  after 2010-10-20, you already have an updated JRE. But if you have been using Sigasi HDT for a longer time, you will have to update the JRE manually, since our embedded update mechanism unfortunately cannot automatically update the JRE.

How to update the JRE

If you are running the stand-alone version, you need to download the latest version and completely replace your existing installation. You will not loose any settings because all your settings are stored in your workspace (workspace-sigasi). The best approach is to:

If you are running Sigasi HDT as Eclipse plugin, you have already installed Java yourself anyhow. The easiest was to update is to use your OS’s update mechanism.

Enjoy your faster VHDL design experience!

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