Did you ever want to suppress warnings in Eclipse? For Java, there is the @SuppressWarnings directive, but what to do for other programming languages?

Sigasi is planning a new Eclipse plugin, called the Eclipse Marker Manager, that helps you deal with Problem Markers (warnings and errors).

You can export your warnings to HTML and you will be able to suppress warnings in any programming language, using directives in comments:

architecture STR of testbench is
    signal data_out : unsigned(7 downto 0);
    signal data_in  : unsigned(7 downto 0);
    signal valid    : std_logic; -- @suppress "Unused"
    signal start    : std_logic;
    signal clk      : std_logic;

We're still in development for this, and that means your input can help shape the feature set of this product. Visit http://www.markermanager.com to discover more and get access to the development releases.

Update: Anyone can now install the Marker Manager plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace.