Announcing Sigasi Studio 3.0

Posted on 2016-01-20

Dear customer, we have just released the 3.0 version of our product, and renamed it to “Sigasi Studio”.

Except for the added features, nothing changes for you: Your old license key is valid for Sigasi Studio 3.0.

Floating license users: you need to update your FlexLM server to the latest version (while using the same license key).

We have defined new editions for Sigasi Studio (Creator, XL and XL Doc instead of the old Pro, Premium and Premium Doc). The feature matrix  has changed a little bit, but your old license will unlock all of the features that you were able to use in Sigasi 2.x, plus the new Sigasi Studio 3 features.

The free Sigasi Studio Starter edition has now been optimized to work with minimal set-up. Sigasi Studio Starter now works as a file editor, with the added power of navigation and code checking, rather than a project-based IDE.


Floating license users: update your FlexLM license server daemon!

Read the release notes and update instructions

For any questions, please contact your local distributor or contact Sigasi directly.

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