7 reasons why you should try out our VS Code extension, number 4 will blow your mind ๐Ÿ‘€

Posted on 2022-05-16 by David Medina
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Sigasi is always trying to innovate in the world of digital design. We have been developing and improving our Eclipse-based flagship product: Sigasi Visual HDL . This has improved the productivity of many digital designers around the world, making them focus on what’s really important: designing.

As much as our customers love our Eclipse-based Sigasi Visual HDL, we know everyone has their own preferences when it comes to design-environments. That is why we decided to create a VS Code extension with the Sigasi spirit. The Sigasi VS Code extension combines a modern and flexible editor with the robust and powerful Sigasi SDK , all of it channeled through the Language Server Protocol .

Even though our extension is still in beta we’ve made a lot of progress since it was launched back in June 2021 and we’re confident that it is the right fit for you and your team. And if this wasn’t enough to convince you, we have gathered 7 reasons why you should try out our extension. Let’s get started!

1. Increase your productivity

Engineering is all about efficiency and here at Sigasi we’re deeply committed to maximum efficience for digital designers. We analyze your HDL code on-the-fly and give you instant feedback in the form of errors and warnings. Hovers give you a small summary of the identifier you’re looking at and with our smart navigation you can quickly move around the most complex code designs. This combined with the multitude of features we offer will help you focus on what’s really important: designing.

2. Integrate with your 3rd party extensions

When it comes to workflow, everyone has their own preferences. Everyone uses the extensions they find most suitable. Disrupting such a setup could be a deal breaker for many people. This is why we are committed to achieve zero friction between our extensions and the other parts of your workflow.

3. Continuous updates & bug fixes

Our team is constantly working to improve the quality of our extension by delivering a steady flow of updates and bug fixes. We want to give to our users the best set of features and blend them together in a VS Code way. Something missing? Send us an email and we will be happy to talk about it.

4. The best from both worlds: Sigasi and VS Code โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

All the power of Sigasi Visual HDL combined with the portability and snappiness of the VS Code editor. And you don’t have to worry about performance, our Sigasi Language Server runs in a different process, meaning it will not slow down your editing.

5. A support team that’s ready to assist you with anything you need

We want to offer our customers the best user experience they can get and if something doesn’t go as expected we want to be there to help you.
During our beta program, we have been diligently paying attention to all the feedback and questions from our community, making sure we can assist them with everything we can and they can smoothly use our extension.

6. Trivial to set up

Just import your project in VS Code and our extension will detect the HDL files. You can then change your library mapping and the versions of your project as well as customize all our available configurations.

7. We will give you a trial license  to check it out :)

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