Sigasi Studio 3.6

Released on 2017-09-26

Sigasi Studio 3.6 introduces powerful methodologies with customizable Block Diagrams and State Machine Diagrams with Graphics Configuration files. Read below to find all new and noteworthy changes.

Graphics Configuration

[Sigasi Studio XL Doc ]

The Block Diagram and State Machines Views are very useful ways to explore and understand HDL designs. But sometimes this just doesn’t cut it. The diagrams are too complex and crowded to understand a design. They contain too much detail to see the big picture. Sigasi Studio’s Graphics Configuration files are a new solution for this challenge.

With Graphics Configuration files you can customize the content of the graphical views in a predictable and reproducible way. Because the files have a simple and clear syntax, they can easily be shared (and merged) in a Version Control System. They can also naturally evolve and always stay in sync with the original VHDL source files.

The animation below shows different Block Diagram Graphics Configurations applied to the same VHDL source file.

Configuring Block Diagrams

The animation below shows different State Machine Graphics Configurations applied to the same VHDL source file.

Configuring State Machines

Please find more details and tips on getting started here.
The syntax of the Graphics Configuration files is explained here.

Improved Dependencies Viewer

Sigasi Studio’s dependencies view has a new skin. Its visuals are now in line with Block Diagram and Statemachine Views.
Old and New dependencies view

Extra external tools

Sigasi Studio 3.6 enables two extra external tools in your workflow: ALINT-PRO  and Xilinx Vivado XSIM 


ALINT-PRO 2017.07 introduced a new command line option that makes ALINT-PRO a powerful extension to Sigasi Studio’s type time linting: elabflatmode. Flat elaboration mode is a new processing type in ALINT-PRO designed specially for fast background linting. Design units are being parsed, elaborated, synthesized and linted at block-level, without crossing the boundaries between design units.

ALINT-PRO in Sigasi Studio

Xilinx Vivado XSIM

By popular demand, we have also added the Xilinx Vivado simulator as external compiler in Sigasi Studio.

XSIM errors are displayed with markers in the editor and problems view Start a simulation by setting a toplevel and clicking the run button

Manual page

SystemVerilog improvements

  • Improved outline

  • Configure project wide defines:
    You can configure definitions that are set before other (System)Verilog files in the project are processed.
    The code in the Initial preprocessor definitions field is preprocessed before all other (System)Verilog code in your project. This allows you to, for example, set global defines without an explicit include statement.

  • Selection behavior in preprocessor code:
    Double clicking in preprocessor code now selects individual words instead of the entire definition. Note that you can still select the entire definition by double clicking on the`character.

Sigasi Studio standalone version now build on Eclipse Oxygen (4.7)

Sigasi Studio 3.6 is build on top of the newly released Eclipse Oxygen  platform. This brings a number of UI and other improvements. You can find all new and noteworthy changes in Eclipse Oxygen on the Eclipse website 

If you open an existing workspace after the update to Sigasi Studio 3.6, you might see a warning about updating your workspace. You can safely confirm the update by clicking OK.
Workspace Warning

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Better library mapping menu (easier to undo “exclude from build”)
  • We updated the bundled Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to 8u144 (Note that this only applies to a fresh download of the stand-alone version. The JRE is not updated via the embedded update mechanism)
  • The CSV file export now uses relative paths for linked files too
  • We added a quickFix for VUnit libraries Quickfix for the VUnit library
  • Block Diagram: buffer ports are now displayed as output ports
  • Block Diagram: visual distinction between input and inout ports
  • We added a new quickfix to correct the capitalization of all references in the entire VHDL source file.
    Correct the capitalization of all references in the entire VHDL source file.
  • We simplified the EULA
  • New linting check: redundant = true or = false in boolean expressions

Bug fixes

  • ticket 3959: [(System)Verilog] parse error: import between module name and parameters
  • ticket 3969: [(System)Verilog] Verilog autocomplete breaks on the input ``defin`
  • ticket 3739: [Block Diagram] Connection with conversion function not shown in block diagram
  • ticket 3832: [Block Diagram] Concatenated signals in port not shown
  • ticket 3849: Workaround for ModelSim when project path contains spaces
  • ticket 3861: [VHDL] Incorrect error when range attribute has an index
  • ticket 3928: Dependencies view and “export csv” should not mix dependencies of independent projects
  • ticket 3930: [VHDL] Avoid exceptions in formatter with preserve newlines
  • ticket 3932: [VHDL] Comments before when keyword get indented too much
  • ticket 3935: Fix missing icons in Libraries View
  • ticket 3946: [VHDL] Attribute subtype and base should be available on all types
  • ticket 3948: [VHDL] Indentation failure when formatting
  • ticket 3955: [VHDL] Sort associations as declared removes uppercase characters
  • ticket 3956: [(System)Verilog] Fix grammar issue with delay control
  • ticket 3961: [VHDL] Formatting crashes when Non breaking spaces are used
  • ticket 3967: External compiler does not compile all files when builds are canceled in between.
  • ticket 3968: [VHDL] Fix formatting issue in case statement quick fix
  • ticket 3979: [VHDL] report statement is not being formatted
  • ticket 3980: [VHDL] Formatting issue with package instantiations
  • ticket 3986: [VHDL] If there is only one when clause in a case statement, formatting does not format end case or when clause
  • ticket 3992: [(System)Verilog] Exception when clicking hyperlink on ``includes`

How to update?

If you have Sigasi Studio 3 installed, you can Update Sigasi or Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .

Sigasi 3.6.1 point release

On October 4th we released Sigasi Studio 3.6.1. This release fixes an issue when launching ModelSim simulations and adds a “pin view” button to the State Machine View. The Sigasi Studio 3.6.1 release contains some minor bug fixes too.

Thanks for all bug reports and enabling Talkback.

Sigasi 3.6.2 point release

On October 19th we released Sigasi Studio 3.6.2. This release fixes a few important Sigasi Studio issues:

  • Avoid that the vector width linting analysis goes into an infinite loop for any VHDL code
  • Fixed PDF documentation export when project has excluded VHDL files
  • Fixed refresh issues in the graphical views
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