Sigasi Studio 3.3

Released on 2016-12-06

The Sigasi Studio 3.3 release brings many improvements. We added a lot of extra VHDL syntax checks and quick fixes [Sigasi Studio Starter , Sigasi Studio Creator , Sigasi Studio XL ]. We also enhanced the block diagram view [Sigasi Studio XL Doc ] and added numerous other noteworthy improvements.

We are also working vigorously on SystemVerilog improvements, but we didn’t make the 3.3 release deadline. You can expect improvements in the preview version soon.

Improved VHDL analysis: More syntax checks, Linting and Quick Fixes

  • New Sigasi Studio Starter checks:

    • Flag declarations that are not allowed in the current declarative region (like variable declarations in the architecture declarative part).
    • Check deferred constant declarations: these are only allowed in a package declaration.
    • Linting checks for function specifications
    • Check the signature of subprograms: the declarations in the package and package body have to match.
    • Check protected type bodies: these are not allowed in packages.
  • New Sigasi Studio Creator checks:

    • Warn when the VHDL version of the project is more recent than the version of the common libraries. This mismatch results in unexpected type problems.
  • New Sigasi Studio XL checks:

    • Flag illegal output/input port connections
    • Warn when ports or generics are mapped in a different order than their declaration.
  • New Quick Fixes

    • Declare constant.
    • Fix the order or generic maps or port maps (see above).
    • Fix argument names in function specification.
    • QuickFix to reset common libraries when project contains files with a newer VHDL version (see above).

Improved Block Diagram view

The Block Diagram View was significantly enhanced. The new Block Diagram view can now visualize generate statements. The generate statements are displaced as container blocks. You can collapse or expand these blocks via a context menu in the block Diagram.

You can now hover to display more information about the ‘hovered’ objects.

If you use the Show in Block Diagram in Sigasi Studio 3.3, the Block Diagram View now centers on the corresponding graphical representation. This makes it easier to find objects in the diagram.

In addition we solved some rendering issues with overlapping labels.

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Automatically export the compilation order, based on either the entire project, or based on a top level. You can configure this in the Project Properties.
  • Semantic highlighting for labels. The color can be configured via Window > Preferences > Sigasi > VHDL > Syntax coloring. Labels are colored gray by default.
  • Option to automatically format VHDL files when they are saved
  • Link with editor toggle button in the Hierarchy View. When this is enabled, the active element in the VHDL editor will be highlighted in the Hierarchy View (if applicable).
  • Hyperlinks to open matching declarations in protected type bodies.
  • Autocomplete template for case generate statements.
  • Components are foldable in the editor.
  • Stuttering in the Verilog Editor

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Sigasi Studio startup issues.
  • [VHDL] Fixed a caching problem when VHDL version of files was changed.
  • [VHDL] The State Machine View was not updated when Show in was used the first time.
  • [VHDL] Scoping error with arrays of unconstraint records (ticket 3712).
  • [Verilog] Warnings were displayed on the wrong location when the Verilog file had preprocessor macros.
  • [Verilog] Open declaration did not work for ports and parameters in module instantiations.
  • [Verilog] External compiler markers were not removed after unmapping.

How to update?

If you have Sigasi Studio 3 installed, you can Update Sigasi or Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .

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