Sigasi 2.8

Released on 2012-10-10

Sigasi 2.8 brings Makefile and CSV-file generation plus multiple other improvements and bug fixes.

Export Project Makefile

Sigasi’s vcom integration is a real time-saver for VHDL-design. But you may also want to build your project in batch mode. A typical approach is to use Makefiles  for command line builds. Sigasi can help you by generating a Makefile for compiling your project with Modelsim.

ModelSim Makefile

In some cases you don’t need a Makefile, but you just need a list of your VHDL files in the correct compilation order. For these cases we offer an Export as CSV File wizard. This wizard generates a file which lists the VHDL files in your project in a valid compile order. You can use your own simple scripts to manipulate such list and run any EDA tool, including simulators, synthesis and linter tools.

Example file (for the Sigasi tutorial project):

work, dut.vhd
work, clock_generator.vhd
work, testbench.vhd

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • The modelsim.ini configuration file is now taken into account when running vcom.
  • Better autocompletes:
    • We have cleaned up the VHDL templates
    • The use of UPPERCASE/lowercase in the STD and IEEE libraries (93 and 2008) is now more consistent. This results in consistent casing of autocompletes from these libraries.
    • Added Autocomplete template for file declaration:
    • Added Autocomplete template for sequential assert statement
  • Bit string literals (e.g. X"0000CAFE") are now supported in the hierarchy/generics view
  • Added tutorial on library mapping
  • The timestamp is removed from the library mapping xml file (.library_mapping.xml). This makes this file more version control system friendly
  • The hover over a signal name now displays its initial value Hover initial value
  • Sigasi’s VHDL builder now detects ands skips encrypted VHDL files (instead of trying to compile and then throwing errors)
  • Removed Xilinx and Altera Cheat Sheets. Their content has been obsoleted by the Library Quickfix.


  • Fixed library mapping caching bug : when unmapped files were mapped again, they did not compile until Sigasi was restarted.
  • ticket 2221 : Fix “Remove trailing whitespace” action in VHDL editor
  • ticket 2224 : Instantiation not working if label contains a number
  • ticket 2227 : Generics view should show all generics, even if there is no default value in the top level
  • ticket 2238 : Library mapping is not written when resource is deleted
  • ticket 2242 : Remove incorrect “set as toplevel” action in context menu of the root outline node
  • ticket 2189 : Formatting a file declaration should not insert new line
  • ticket 2229 : Attribute formatting does not look good

End User License Agreement

We have updated the eula to clarify a few points, to make it more clear how the licensing (node-locked and floating licenses) works, and to update the third party open source licenses. If you update your Sigasi installation, you will be required to read an accept the new terms. Should you have any questions about the new license agreement, please contact us at


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .