Sigasi 2.7

Released on 2012-09-07

The Sigasi 2.7 release brings you a way to inspect the value of generics in your chip hierarchy. Sigasi 2.7 also includes several bugfixes including a fix for writing the library mapping configuration to disk and a fix for problems with updating Sigasi in Eclipse.

Generics view

We added a generics view as a companion view to the Hierarchy View. This new view enables you to inspect the value of generics in your hierarchy. Because of Sigasi’s recovering VHDL analyzer, this works even if your design is still under construction or completely broken.

Generics View

You can open the generics view in the context menu of the hierarchy: right click any instantiation and select Show in Generics View.

Note that our interpreter to calculate expressions in generic maps and generate conditions does not handle all expressions at this time). If the interpreter could not calculate the value, you will see unknown.


  • ticket 2209 : write library mapping file to disk if files are deleted or unmapped
  • Added missing version number in one of Sigasi’s Eclipse dependencies (this resolves an update problem)
  • Resolved exception in mark occurrences
  • Several minor fixes for uploaded bugreports


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .