Sigasi 2.4

Released on 2012-05-22

Sigasi 2.4 brings you a very easy way to check you code with an external compiler. We added a option to automatically compile your code with an external compiler as soon as you save your file. If there are any errors, they will show up as red error markers inside your code, just like the type-time error markers.

We also implemented usability and other improvements, and fixed reported bugs.

Aldec VCOM integration

Catching bugs early is cheaper than catching them late. Earlier versions of Sigasi detect most errors at type time but relied on a manual compile step with an external compiler to catch all errors. Sigasi 2.4 can now automate this step and intelligently call an external compiler to find all analysis errors in your VHDL files as soon as you save.

External compiler

At this time, Sigasi supports the vcom/vsim style compilers. These compilers are available from Aldec  (Active HDL and Riviera Pro) or from other vendors.

External compiler

Usability improvements

  • Signal assignments can now be filtered in the outline
  • Leaf nodes in outline and hierarchy no longer have fold/unfold triangles Leaf nodes
  • Improved hover for record types and subtypes
  • When you change the library mapping of a folder, you now have the option to map to a new library with the name of the folder
  • Deprecated library warnings now have a quickfix to show more info or to hide this type of warnings Quickfix
  • The hierarchy instantiations filter now shows entity instantiations inside for-generates
  • Better support for unresolved nodes in the hierarchy:
    • Unresolved instantiations are now visible when the instantiations filter is enabled in Hierarchy View
    • Double clicking unresolved instantiations moves your cursor to the instantiation location
      Unresolved nodes
  • Error marker for “Port map is Incomplete” now underlines port map instead of the last port mapping
  • The declare signal quickfix of signals in port maps now uses the datatype of the corresponding port

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Sigasi now also supports node locked licenses
  • The bundled IEEE VHDL 93 library files are now the official IEEE versions


  • ticket 1967 : Build problems when file is changed outside of Sigasi (ParallelResourceLoader: Resource load job didn’t return a result) which resulted in all kinds of strange errors
  • ticket 1984 : Sigasi command line does not handle relative paths correctly
  • ticket 1983 : QuickFix for unused signals does not remove associated comments and remove empty line


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .