Sigasi 2.31

Released on 2015-10-13

Sigasi 2.31 brings 3 new Quickfixes, improved export for graphics and more.

New Quick Fixes

Sigasi 2.31 brings three new Quickfixes that will make your life easier

Add missing associations in port and generic maps

When you add new generics or ports to an entity declaration, you can now use the Add missing (optional) generic/port association quickfix to add missing generic or port mappings to an existing instantiation.

Quickfix missing associations in generic and port maps

Quickfix capitalization of identifiers [Premium Desktop]

In [sigasi-2.30] we introduced a new style check to verify a consistent use of uppercase and lowercase letters in VHDL identifiers. This release brings a quickfix to automatically change the capitalization of an identifier to match its declaration.

Quickfix capitalization of identifiers

Quickfix Aldec library

Quick Aldec library

If you have Aldec Riviera PRO installed and you use the Aldec library, you can now use the Aldec library quickfix to automatically add the Aldec library to your Sigasi project.

Export all diagrams [VHDL, Premium Desktop]

We added a convenient Export Wizard to export all block or statemachine diagrams of your project. This makes it easy to use Sigasi diagrams other applications.

Export all Diagrams of a project

Sigasi 2.31 now adds block diagrams to the PDF Documentation export.

Block Diagram in Documentation PDF

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Reduce the vertical space between ports in the Block Diagram view.
  • Don’t close single quotes in Verilog.
  • Increase java dependency to minimum Java 7


  • ticket 3260 : Missing connection in Block Diagram when intermediate signal is used
  • ticket 3343 : Duplicate transitions in the FSM view
  • ticket 3397 : Only first (of multiple) state machines is layouted
  • ticket 3402 : Scoping bug: min function confused with min time unit
  • ticket 3407 : Keywords inside identifiers converted to lower case?
  • ticket 3411 : Duplicate connections in Block Diagram View
  • ticket 3416 : Incorrect error for “Type conversion with type alias”
  • ticket 3425 : PDF export fails when Sigasi is installed in location with a + symbol
  • ticket 3426 : Export SVG should escape text (e.g. <=)
  • ticket 3437 : Autoindent in Verilog must respect the tabs/spaces setting


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .