Sigasi 2.29

Released on 2015-06-30

The Sigasi 2.29 release brings better Verilog parsing, SystemVerilog for Synthesis, Cadence Incisive (NCSim) as external compiler, and more.

Better Verilog support

We significantly improved our internal Verilog parser. Our parser is now able to give type-time syntax errors for Verilog (2005) code. This gives you instant feedback about Verilog syntax errors. So no more waiting for the compiler to find syntax issues. Note that this feature is disabled by default. You can enable/disable it with the Ctrl+3 keyboard shortcut, and next typing Toggle Verilog problem markers.

Toggle Verilog Markers

SystemVerilog for synthesis


We added support for the synthesisable subset of SystemVerilog. This means that Sigasi can now cope with:

  • Packages
  • Typedefs
  • Structs
  • Unions
  • Arrays of arrays
  • Enums
  • For loops

The New Verilog file wizard now allows you to create SystemVerilog files too (.sv, .svh).

Cadence Incisive (NCSim)

[Sigasi Premium Desktop and Sigasi Premium Doc]

You can now configure Cadence Incisive (NCSim) as Save-time compilation for your HDL code. Once configured, Sigasi will automatically run ncvhdl and ncvlog to compile your code. All issues will get a problem marker in the editor and will appear in the problems view.

Cadence Incisive (NCSim) Toolchain Integration

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • We no longer include AHDL support
  • Updated the Xtext dependency to Xtext 2.8.2 
  • The Sigasi Premium Desktop formatter now converts keywords to lower case when the Upper case keywords formatting option is disabled. (Note that the Sigasi Pro formatter will not change the keyword casing).
  • Expose BlockConfiguration context in VHDL autocomplete templates
  • We added a filter to project explorer to filter all non-Verilog files

Filter non-Verilog files


  • ticket 2840 : Autocomplete for entity instantiations does not work well with upper case setting
  • ticket 3305 : Too much whitespace in entity instantiation autocomplete
  • ticket 3296 : Avoid empty lists errors when exporting PDF documentation
  • ticket 3304 : Incorrect array size warning for vectors in generics
  • ticket 3308 : Unexpected hover for physcial constants
  • ticket 3314 : Resources from unrelated projects in dependencies graph
  • ticket 3320 : ‘Add declaration quickfix’ adds declaration to wrong declarative part


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .