Sigasi 2.28

Released on 2015-04-21

The Sigasi 2.28 release brings external compiler support for mixed language projects, a new linting check for array sizes, multiple Verilog improvements, and more.

External compiler support for mixed language projects

[Sigasi Premium Desktop and Sigasi Premium Doc]

The External Compilers integration now supports Mixed language projects. Sigasi automatically computes the cross language dependencies and sends your design files incrementally, in the correct order, to your external compiler.

The dependencies view: and the CSV export feature now also take cross language dependencies into account.

Dependencies View

Check size in array assignments

[VHDL; Sigasi Premium Desktop and Premium Doc]

There are 2 hard problems in computer science: caching, naming, and off-by-1 errorsTwitter wisdom 

Because it is so easy to get the size wrong in array assignments —especially when you are working with generics—, we developed a new VHDL design check to catch these mistakes as early as possible.

Array Size Check

Sigasi will only complain when it is sure the assignment is wrong. When the expressions are too complicated to evaluate at type time, it will gracefully give up.

Verilog improvements

  • Basic autocomplete support (templates, keywords, identifiers,…)
  • Task tag preference page to configure custom tags
  • Respect configured project dependencies
  • Show verilog dependencies in the dependencies view

Other new and noteworthy improvements

Headless Simulation

  • We added an option to run an external simulator without UI, in the Sigasi console
  • We improved the performance of the Sigasi builder


  • ticket 3279 : Serious performance issue in console view external compiler
  • ticket 3241 : Sigasi crash for loops in use clauses
  • ticket 3043 : Autocomplete template get confused by uppercase keywords
  • ticket 3190 : Highlighting of operators (and, or, …): highlight as keyword, not as function
  • ticket 3269 : Quick fix all does not work if the project has external compiler problem markers
  • ticket 3287 : better labels for physical and numeric types


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .