Sigasi 2.26

Released on 2014-12-10

The Sigasi 2.26 release brings better Verilog and Mixed language support, an extra linting and bug fixes.

Improved Verilog and Mixed language support

[Sigasi Premium Desktop and Sigasi Premium Doc]

We significantly improved the Verilog and Mixed language support in Sigasi 2.26.

  • All ports and generics/parameters in module instantiations are now linked. This enables hovers, ‘open declaration’ and search. Mixed language instantiations
  • Better hovers in Verilog Verilog hover
  • Autoindent for Verilog
  • VHDL Autocomplete now offers entity instantiation templates for Verilog modules too Autocomplete Verilog modules in VHDL instantiations

Check for missing optional port and generic association in instantiations

[VHDL; Sigasi Premium Desktop and Premium Doc]

In instantiations you only have to specify input ports without a default value; output ports and input ports with a default value are optional. The same is true for generics with a default value. This is a common source of design errors and this type of bug is often tricky to spot. Therefore we implemented a new type-time design check to warn about missing optional associations in instantiations.

Warn about missing optional associations

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • We extended our import scripts to import Xilinx ISE and Mentor Graphics HDL Designer projects: “More info”:/content/importing-xilinx-ise-project-sigasi
  • Automatically try to check out a Premium Doc license when a Premium Doc feature is activated [Premium]
  • The offline update site now also contains the Premium features [Premium]


  • ticket 3064 : “Error in state machine analysis”:/forum/wrong-statemachine-warning-0
  • ticket 3066 : Scoping error in when clause
  • ticket 3067 : Scoping error for access types
  • ticket 3087 : Scoping bug in unconstrained VHDL 2008 types
  • ticket 3101 : Add support for Vivado 2014.3.1
  • ticket 3177 : Sensitivity list quickfix does not work with uppercase keywords


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .