Sigasi 2.23

Released on 2014-07-29

The Sigasi 2.23 release introduces basic datatype checking at type-time for VHDL; improved Verilog support; and much more.

Basic datatype checking at type-time for VHDL

Sigasi now reports datatype violations while you type (at type-time). You don’t have to wait for your simulator to report datatype errors. Whenever you write a wrong datatype, you see an error message within less than a second! Screencast : Datatype checks while you type

Type time type validation

Improved Verilog support

We are accelerating our development of the Verilog version:

  • Open Module Declaration by CTRL+clicking on instantiation
  • Hover on module name to see the inline documentation

Improved Verilog support in Sigasi 2.23

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Improved support for external VHDL files (i.e. non Sigasi Project VHDL files). We now report all syntax errors.
  • Linting check for read/write access of port, signal, generic and constant declarations [Premium] Check read/write access for Signals/Ports/Generics/Constants
  • Updated the JAVA Virtual Machine in the stand-alone to version 8. Note that this is not updated with the Sigasi update mechanism; you need a fresh download if you want this improvement.
  • Support for Eclipe Luna
  • Added VHDL Project Import Wizard VHDL project Import Wizard
  • Better error reporting in unknown instantiations: only mark the unknown component name as a single error Only one error marker in unknown component instantiations
  • Added tutorial project for Sigasi Premium
  • Added preference page to configure Task Tags in comments (TODO, FIXME) Configurable Task Tags in comments
  • Added Quickfix for XilinxProcessorIP Libraries in xilinx ISE
  • Export Block Diagram and State Machine graphics to PNG images [Premium] Export State Machine View to image file
  • Dead-code linting in if statements [Premium] Detect dead code blocks in if statements
  • Update Xtext dependency to 2.6.1


  • ticket 2883 : Vmap should never make changes in wrong modelsim.ini file
  • ticket 2893 : Case statement analysis should not fail on if expression inside parentheses
  • ticket 2798 : Scoping bug in record field in result of overloaded function call
  • ticket 2848 : scoping problem in when/else assignment
  • ticket 2921 : Loading a FlexNet license should never block the UI


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .