Sigasi 2.21

Released on 2014-04-04

The Sigasi 2.21 brings a few long anticipated features to both Sigasi Pro and Sigasi Premium such as a live block diagram viewer, smart indentation, Sigasi specific Path Variables, faster unmapping and much more.

Block Diagram Viewer (Premium)

This first version of a Block Diagram viewer displays a graphical view of all architectures and its instantiations in your current VHDL editor. This viewer automatically updates while you are editing your code and gives a convenient way to visually inspect and navigate your code, even when your code is still unfinished or broken.

The Block Diagram viewer is automatically installed in the Sigasi standalone version.

Smart Indent

Sigasi 2.21 now adjusts the indentation of current and next line when you press enter. You can enable/disable this feature via Window > Preferences > Sigasi > VHDL by toggling the “Enter adjusts indentation on current and next line” setting.

Path variables for toolchains and environment variables

Sigasi 2.21 introduces Path Variables for toolchain installation paths and Environment variables. This is a convenient way to avoid absolute paths in your project files. The library quick fixes have been updated to use these variables. (More info: How to avoid absolute (library) paths in your Sigasi Project files)

Path variables for toolchains and environment variables

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Unmapping files or folders in your design now triggers an incremental build instead of a clean build. This significantly reduces the time you need setup up (big) legacy projects.
  • Semantic highlighting for attributes Semantic highlighting for attributes
  • Add an info maker to encrypted files
  • Warning for duplicates in the sensitivity list Duplicates in the sensitivity list
  • Quickfix for modelsim_lib Modelsim VHDL library Quickfix for modelsim_lib
  • Flag errors when declarations are in incorrect order Declarations are in incorrect order
  • Check that the port and generic maps of instantiations are formally correct
  • Check that the parameter lists of subprogram invocations is formally correct
  • Better hover for for loop iterator
  • Formatter should respect newlines in enum declarations Formatter should respect newlines



  • ticket 2364 : Scoping issue when ports and types have the same name
  • ticket 2484 : Do not allow recursive declarations
  • ticket 2726 : Scoping issue when implicit functions are called with fully qualified name
  • ticket 2756 : Scoping issue when alias has same name
  • ticket 2758 : Scoping issue when reusing a constant name for a new constant
  • ticket 2768 : Windows paths in SIGASI_LM_LICENSE_FILE do not work
  • ticket 2800 : Null pointer exception in scoper
  • ticket 2838 : Quartus integration should never delete files from disk (for projects in the workspace folder)
  • ticket 2802 : Modelsim should not overwrite binaries for external libraries (when MODELSIM is set)
  • ticket 2816 : Circular dependency detection is wrong for deeper hierarchies
  • ticket 2821 : Unexpected Quickfix for undeclared signal between parentheses


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .