Sigasi 2.20

Released on 2014-02-25

The Sigasi 2.20 release brings the first official Sigasi Premium release and numerous improvements to Sigasi Pro.

Sigasi Pro

  • Sensitivity list validation: report incorrect sensitivity lists Sensitivity list validation
  • Better validation of attribute specifications. We also added a quickfix for the attribute class. Attribute validation
  • Crosslink constants, functions and procedures between package and package body. This enables navigation and the rename refactoring. Crosslink package and package body

Sigasi Premium

In addition to the Sigasi Pro features this Sigasi Premium release brings:

  • Net Search (find loads and drivers at RTL code level) [Update: this release now takes direct connections inside architectures into account]

Net Search

  • State Machine viewers (updates while you type) [Update: This release now supports multiple FSM in one design file]

FSM View: multiple fsms in one file

  • Integration with Aldec ALINT linter tool

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Vivado encrypted files are now properly suppressed.
  • Numerous performance improvements


  • ticket 2754 : scoping problem with generic packages & record types
  • ticket 2757 : Scoping problem with record in range of aggregate
  • ticket 2761 : Scoping problem with record constants as function parameters


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .