Sigasi 2.19

Released on 2014-01-14

The Sigasi 2.19 release brings a quickfix for common common missing use clauses, further improvements to the external compiler integration and other improvements and bug fixes.

Quickfix to add common missing use clauses

in Sigasi 2.19 you can now use a quickfix to automatically add the missing library and use clause for IEEE packages to your VHDL design unit.

Quickfix to add missing use clause for IEEE packages

See it in action: Add library and use clause for IEEE with Quick Fix

Configure external compiler/simulator settings in the Sigasi preference pages

We refactored the Sigasi preference pages to configure the external compiler integration. You can now easily switch between different compilers. We also added the option to add extra command line arguments.

Easily switch between multiple external compilers

Configure extra command line options

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Verilog INCLUDE directives now hyperlink to the referred include file

Link to Verilog include files

  • We have updated the bundled Java Runtime Environment to Java 7 Update 45. Note that this update is only bundled in the stand-alone download, it will not update through the Sigasi update mechanism.

  • In the VHDL perspective, you can now easily navigate to a different via the Show In menu in the context menu.


  • ticket 2577 : Report which file is currently being compiled in the progress view
  • ticket 2639 : Disabled rename refactoring in unmapped files
  • ticket 2651 : Scoping problem in generics map
  • ticket 2661 : Scoping bug when enum type is imported from package
  • ticket 2678 : Formatting array-of-vectors with initialisers
  • ticket 2680 : Formatting should respect multi-line comments
  • ticket 2681 : Scoping problem with length attribute
  • ticket 2683 : Formatting of aggregates
  • ticket 2689 : StackOverFlow error in scoper
  • ticket 2701 : Scoping bug for aggregate assignments of records
  • ticket 2722 : Set top level handler does not work for architecture text selection
  • ticket 2724 : NPE when scoping use clause with = operator
  • ticket 2730 : [External compiler] Deal with circular project dependencies
  • ticket 2739 : Missing vmap commands in incremental compile
  • ticket 2740 : Quartus build fails if user does not want to update Quartus DB.


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .