Sigasi 2.17

Released on 2013-09-30

The Sigasi 2.17 release brings support for generic packages (VHDL-2008), autocomplete for type conversions and other new and noteworthy improvements and fixes.

Generic Packages [VHDL 2008]

Sigasi 2.17 supports generic packages. Both generic constants and generic packages are supported as generic items. Generic Types are not supported yet.
This will allow you to use the standard Fixed Point (fixed_pkg) and Floating Point float_pkg packages from the IEEE library.

Generic Packages (VHDL 2008)

Autocompletions for type conversions

In VHDL design you need to do a lot of type conversions (Think: std_logic_vector > signed> integer -> …). Sigasi’s autocomplete functionality can now help you to type these conversions faster and more accurate. Put a dot (.) after the element you want to convert, and the autocomplete suggestions will appear. The conversion functions have descriptions like “convert type” and “convert to …”.

Do not forget to add a use clause for the numeric_std package first.

See it in action 

Library Mapping File is now mandatory

Sigasi store the library mapping information for each project in the .library_mapping.xml file in the root of your project. Before the 2.17 release, Sigasi loaded the default mapping (work) if this file was not available. Starting with release 2.17, Sigasi assumes all files are not mapped if the library mapping file is missing. In this case, Sigasi will also add one error marker to the project with the message: “This VHDL project can not be built since the library mapping information is missing”.

To add a default .library_mapping.xml file to your project, you can right-click your project and select Library Mapping > Reset Library Mapping.

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Check for duplicate enumeration literals Duplicate enumeration literals
  • Check for correct use of underscore in VHDL identifiers Illegal identifier
  • Mark the current library in the library mapper context menu Current library
  • Double-clicking in the Generics View opens the corresponding generic/constant declaration
  • Quickfix for unused types
  • Sigasi now runs on version 2.4.3 of the Xtext framework


  • ticket 2595 : Resolved performance issue in the Libraries View
  • ticket 2627 : [VHDL 2008] Support record access of hierarchical signals
  • ticket 2641 : log2 in hierarchy evaluation should round up
  • ticket 2653 : ModelSim integration: Added support for warnings with a warning category
  • ticket 2671/2664 : Error launching ISim simulation
  • ticket 2669 : Sigasi crashes when FlexLM connection is lost
  • ticket 2656 : Aggregate linting check: char literals are case sensitive


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .