Sigasi 2.15

Released on 2013-07-22

In the Sigasi 2.15 release we introduce: working with state machines, faster compilation and save-time compilation for Verilog. We also developed new linting checks and other enhancements.

Writing state machines

We added two extra Quick Fixes to make it easier to create finite state machines in VHDL. You can now simply use a new state name (an enumeration literal) in the “when” clause of your state machine without first adding it to the state enumeration datatype. A Quick Fix will automatically add the new literal to the VHDL enum type.

Add new enumeration literal quickfix

This also works the other way around. If you add a new enum literal to an state type declaration, your case statements will be broken. There will be a Quick Fix to add the missing “when” clause.

Verilog: Save-time compilation

In Sigasi 2.15, you can now add Verilog support to a project. This enables save-time compilation of your Verilog files with Riviera Pro, ModelSim, QuestaSim and Isim. Just like Sigasi Pro for VHDL, the Verilog support is freely available for small projects.

Verilog save-time compilation

Faster external compilation

Some people were not using the external compiler integration because it was too slow. This is really a shame, because getting feedback from your compiler fast really helps you write better code.

So: we have improved the speed of the external VHDL compiler integration a lot! Instead of calling the external compiler for one file at a time, Sigasi Pro now calls the external compiler for a bunch of files at the same time. This way, your build process will be a lot faster. If the bulk compilation fails, the whole compilation process restarts but this time compiling one file at a time. This way, we can make sure that every file gets checked and you get the best possible set of error markers.

Starter edition: simpler rules

We simplified the way we decide if your project is small. Instead of counting the number of statements, we just measure the file size of HDL (VHDL and Verilog) files in your projects. If the total size is less than 32 kB, the Starter Edition will have all features of Sigasi Pro enabled. This is usually slightly more than the old criterium of 200 statements.

For people who have a license for Sigasi Pro, an evaluation license, or an Educational license, nothing changes.

Check for duplicate design unit names

In VHDL, you cannot have two design units (packages, entities, architectures or configurations) with the same name. Most tools will not flag this, and it is not always clear which version they actually use. You might end up debugging the wrong file. To help you avoid this trap, Sigasi Pro now gives an error messages if you have two design units with the same name. Unlike other Sigasi VHDL linting rules which are triggered while you type (type-time lint checks), this rule is invoked when you save your file (save-time lint check).

Check for Duplicate Design Units

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • Flag a function that doesn’t have a return statement Check for function without return statement
  • Better hover for alias of vector slices (ticket 2493) Better hover for alias of vector slice
  • Better hover for functions and procedures Better hover for functions and procedures
  • Keep a history of toplevels in the set top level dialog Better select top level dialog
  • Autocomplete for attributes Autocomplete for attributes
  • Template field ${filename} is now replaced by the actual file name when expanding a template
  • Show protected types in outline view
  • Files in exported CSV are now sorted by library if possible
  • Show anywhere context template autocomplete suggestions last
  • Added support for context clauses (VHDL 2008)
  • Updated to Xtext 2.4.2


  • ticket 2526 : Unmapping files should remove problem markers from external compiler too
  • ticket 2544 : Automatic ‘.’ autocomplete shouldn’t be triggered in comments
  • ticket 2545 : Entity instantiation autocomplete: Use work instead of library name for entities in same library
  • ticket 2555 : Record field not resolved in subtype declaration
  • ticket 2556 : External compiler does not handle transitive project dependencies correctly
  • ticket 2558 : Method of protected type is not resolved correctly if it is defined in a referenced project
  • ticket 2520 : Better formatting of ElseWaveform (allow newlines)
  • ticket 2567 : 2008-style bit-string literals can have more than 99 bits
  • ticket 2569 : Better highlighting for numbers with underscores
  • ticket 2571 : Wrong marker location for “Port/Generic map list cannot not be terminated with a ,”
  • ticket 2381 : Problems running Sigasi in combination with other Xtext plugins (e.g. Xtend)


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .