Sigasi 2.14

Released on 2013-05-17

In the Sigasi 2.14 we reworked an important part of our internal compiler which results in in better accuracy, better autocompletes and a lot of bugfixes.

Improved internal compiler

For this release we put a lot of effort in improving the internal VHDL compiler. Specifically, the compiler now analyses expressions more accurately. This results in better autocompletes, occurrence highlighting, search, rename, and more.

Thanks to this improvement we can offer accurate autocompletes for use clauses, records, library clauses, protected types, access types, …

Autocomplete for use clauses

External files

We simplified the way we deal with opening VHDL files. These are individual files that are not part of a Sigasi project. Before Sigasi 2.14 we openend external files in a special “External Files”-project, which was a bit of an awkward workaround. In Sigasi 2.14 we now simply open external files without a project, just like you would expect from a “simple” editor (like Emacs, Vi, Notepad++, Ultraedit,…).

External file

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • The standalone version is now built on Eclipse 3.8 (and Xtext 4.2.1) instead of Eclipse 3.7.
  • Better linting and “hyperlinks” for state machines, encoded as case statements over a record field
  • Added option to add extra command line options to vcom and vsim
  • Support for splitted use clauses (use work.mypackage; use mypackage.something;)
  • Autocomplete template for std_logic_vector ranges
  • Evaluate log2 function calls in hovers and hierarchy



  • ticket 2461 : Make Sigasi keyboard shortcuts configurable
  • ticket 2478 : Improve mechanism to differentiate between Aldec and Modelsim vsim
  • ticket 2480 : Show architecture name of instances in outline
  • ticket 2400 : Show error marker when incorrect record fields are used
  • ticket 2359 : Signal name that conflicts port name is not flagged as error
  • ticket 2431 : Autcomplete inside generate statements
  • ticket 2436 : Priority of autocompletes
  • ticket 2325 : Record constant in generic map wrongly scoped
  • ticket 2513 : Quartus integration plugin should also be included in the Eclipse plugin update site


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .