Sigasi 2.13

Released on 2013-04-22

Sigasi 2.13 brings official Quartus integration to Sigasi plus numerous improvements and bugfixes.

Sigasi as HDL editor for Quartus

Today, Sigasi’s integration with Altera Quartus II graduates from its beta period. We made the Quartus II integration as simple and transparent as possible. Configure Sigasi as default editor in Quartus II and from there, everything is automatic.

Your Sigasi project will automatically listen to changes of the Quartus II project and if you add files in Sigasi, they will be added to your Quartus II project too.

See it in action : Sigasi Pro integration with Altera Quartus II

Other new and noteworthy improvements

  • The Eclipse git plugin EGit  is now pre-installed in the standalone version of Sigasi
  • Autocomplete templates for Verilog templates for Verilog
  • Replaced the memory warning and vsim detection dialogs with non blocking pop-ups memory warning
  • Improved autocomplete for case statements: also offer template when typing case expression
  • Standalone version: use <HOME>/workspaceSigasi by default
  • Show name of instantiated item in outline and Hierarchy View (in addition to label)
  • Support multi-line assert statements in the formatter
  • Better hover for aliases Alias Hover
  • Updated Java Runtime Environment in stand-alone version to Java 7 update 17
  • Added a dynamic variable to run configuration to query the toplevel name : ${vhdl_toplevel}


  • ticket 1554 : Hover does not work in template mode
  • ticket 2377 : Performance bug in Hierarchy View
  • ticket 2421 : Problem with modelsim.ini path on Windows
  • ticket 2451 : Exception in the CSV exporter
  • ticket 2452 : Uppercase/lowercase issues in Turkisch locale
  • ticket 2463 : Notify version control system (ClearCase) when library mapping file is modified


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .