Sigasi 2.12

Released on 2013-02-20

Sigasi 2.12 brings a Libraries View to Sigasi and external compiler/simulator support for Xilinx ISE Simulator (ISim).

Libraries View

Sigasi now contains a Libraries View. In the Libraries view you can see a tree of all projects, libraries and design units. The Libraries View enables you to quickly see how your design units are mapped.

Libraries View

The easiest way to enable the Libraries View is via Window > Reset Perspective… You can find the view in a tab behind the project explorer.

ISE Simulator (ISim)

We added support for Xilinx ISim as external compiler/simulator for Sigasi. So in addition to the existing vcom/vsim support, you can now select ISim to compile your projects and start simulations.

Note that we changed the preference pages to configure your preferred external compiler. We merged the External compilers preference page with the Toolchains page, so that all external toolchain settings can be configured on the same page. The Isim path is automatically derived from the Xilinx ISE preference.


Other New and Noteworthy Improvements

  • ticket 2384 : Add Japanese language pack to stand alone version of Sigasi. [You can try this with sigasi.exe -nl ja]
  • ticket 2373 : Improve Makefile UI (allow to select project in the wizard)
  • ticket 2375 : Separate autocomplete templates for process with asynchronous and synchronous reset.
  • ticket 2378 : Enable VHDL highlighting in compare view by default



  • ticket 2329 : External compiler and project dependencies: call vlib for all libraries
  • ticket 2334 : Corrected scoping of block statements
  • ticket 2374 : Properly display spaces in the ‘Set Toplevel’ dialog
  • ticket 2388 : Comment in hover should include first character of comment, even it is not a space.
  • ticket 2391 : Simulate with Modelsim vsim does not work when top level is in a different library than work
  • ticket 2397 : Make sure all vhdl markers are cleared during a clean build
  • ticket 2405 : Do not empty the library view during a clean build
  • ticket 2411 : Do not throw errors when user types an incorrect use clause


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .