Sigasi 2.11

Released on 2013-01-22

Sigasi 2.11 brings an extra intelligent autocomplete for case statements, a set of usability improvements and bug fixes.

Context based autocomplete for case statements (State Machines)

The cleanest way to write simple state machines is to use a state variable (or signal) with an enumeration type. This allows you to use descriptive names for your states, which results in self documenting code. To encourage, and make this style easier, we added a context based autocomplete for case statements. If you type case and there is a variable or signal with an enumeration type in scope, a template is offered with when clauses for each enumeration literal.

See this in action : Writing State Machines

Context sensitive autocomplete for case statements

Usability improvements

  • Better ordering of quick fixes for undeclared signals and variables: A number of users reported that “Declare signal” would be a better default for undeclared signals than changing the name to a similarly named signal. So we changed it.

Quickfix order

  • Extra library mapping action: Map folders to folder name. If you have a well organized project, every library has its own folder. To help you configure your project in Sigasi as fast as possible we added an extra library mapping action when you select multiple folders. This new action maps each selected folder to a library with the same name as the folder.

Map folders to folder name

  • The top level dialog now show the architecture name

Set top level selection dialog

  • If you mistakenly use a signal assignment operator for a variable (or vice versa), you can now use the Fix assignment operator quick fix to swiftly correct your mistake.

Fix assignment operator quick fix


  • ticket 2287 : vlib executable in exported Makefile is now configurable
  • ticket 2361 : autocomplete for entity instantiations from another library


If you have Sigasi 2 installed, you can Update Sigasi . You can also Download the Latest Version of Sigasi .