Using Urubu as CMS for our Insights site

Posted on 2016-04-27 by Philippe Faes

Since Sigasi’s rebranding in January 2016, most content has been separated from the main Sigasi website. We now have a website hosted at . This new Insights site contains the user manual, a collection of technological articles and an opinionated blog, among other sections.

We decided on using Urubu  as CMS system for the Insights website. Urubu was created by Sigasi co-founder and VHDL guru Jan Decaluwe . Jan describes Urubu as “a micro CMS for static websites”. We write all content in Markdown. The Urubu tool generates static HTML files and Github serves these static pages.

There are tons of advantages for us, like easy content writing and reviewing, website staging, easy theming. Just as important are the advantages for you, the Sigasi Studio user, as compared to other CMS systems.

  • First, Urubu allows Local Hosting.
  • The second advantage is that you can add improvements to the documentation using the well known Github workflow of pull requests.

After a few months of experience with Urubu, we are very satisfied with this technology. We have created some extra micro-websites, like the website for the Sigasi Marker Manager . If you want to get started with Urubu, you should look at the Urubu Quickstart . You’ll get started in no time.

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