Sigasi Studio for VS Code

The Sigasi extension  for Visual Studio Code  brings the Sigasi analysis engine and much of its productivity technology to VS Code.

You can use your existing Sigasi Studio license or get a free trial license from .

Please contact with any feedback or questions that aren’t answered in the documentation.


Documentation of the Sigasi extension for VS Code is split in several parts. We recommend skimming through at least the following ones.

Completing the extension’s Walkthrough will give you a full, interactive overview of Sigasi Studio for VS Code. You can find it in the VS Code Get Started tab or through navigating to the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) > Welcome: Open Walkthrough… and then selecting Getting Started with Sigasi Studio for VS Code or Boost your Productivity with our set of Features.

Further Reading

These articles give you more information on using the VS Code extension.