VHDL language version

Sigasi Studio flags an error if a mismatch exists between the selected VHDL language versions of a project, VHDL common libraries and individual design files.

Applying the associated quick fix will upgrade the version of the project, or - if it’s already set up correctly - it’ll upgrade the version of the file with the outdated version. The Common Libraries will automatically be updated to the upgraded version.

In Sigasi Studio, you can set the version of the VHDL language for your project and for individual files. The setting for individual files is only intended for compatibility with legacy code. Setting a higher VHDL version on a design file than the VHDL version of the project is not supported and will cause this error to appear.

Project specific setting of this rule

This rule can be disabled for your project, or its severity can be modified in the project linting settings.

Manual configuration in ${project location}/.settings/com.sigasi.hdt.vhdl.linting.prefs: