Check header comment

Sigasi Studio can check that the header comment matches a specified pattern. A header comment is the comment that starts at the first character of your file (no leading whitespace).

The check can be enabled in Preferences > Sigasi > VHDL > Naming conventions. The pattern can be set on the same page. More information on file header comment checking is available here.

Since Sigasi Studio 4.4, the raw string of the header comment is checked to allow for maximum compliance checking. This means that when a new line is matched, users should use \r?\n or the newly introduced \R to make sure the naming conventions work on all platforms.

Check header comments

Project specific setting of this rule

This rule can be disabled for your project, or its severity can be modified in the project linting settings.

Manual configuration in ${project location}/.settings/com.sigasi.hdt.vhdl.linting.prefs: