Third Party Plugins

Since Sigasi Studio is built on Eclipse, you can install third-party Eclipse plugins.

The best place to start looking for a plugin is the Eclipse Marketplace . We list some interesting plugins here. Since these are third-party plugins, there is no official support from Sigasi.

Installing Plugins

Unlike most Eclipse distributions Sigasi Studio is shipped without the Eclipse Marketplace plugin and the standard Eclipse update sites. Hence, you have to add a plugin update site to install new plugins.

  • Adding the update site
  • Installing
    • Still in the Install dialog, search for the plugin you want to install. You can browse the list of available plugins or use the filter text above the list of plugins.
    • Select the checkbox for the plugin and click Next
    • Follow the instructions for the rest of the wizard.

Revision Control Systems

Sigasi Studio supports a wide range of Revision Control Systems  (also known as Version Control or Source Control systems). Support for revision control is based on Eclipse plugins. This section contains a preliminary listing of the most popular revision control systems.


Recommended plugin: EGit  This plugin is shipped with the standalone version of Sigasi Studio.

Subversion (SVN)

For Subversion we recommend the Subclipse  plugin.

To install this plugin, perform these steps in the Help > Install New Software… window:

To install older versions of Subclipse or if you need more information on Subclipse, you can refer to the documentation on .

Note that we no longer recommend the Subversive  plugin since it is only available up to Eclipse oxygen.


Recommended plugin: ClearCase  (Update site: )

Note that this is the Open Source ClearCase plugin hosted on SourceForge, not the official ClearCase plugin distributed by IBM .

Local History

While this is not strictly speaking a version control system, Sigasi Studio has a built-in feature that keeps a local history of your files. Learn more .

Other Systems

Some other popular revision control systems include:

  1. CVS learn more .
  2. Mercurial (Hg) learn more .
  3. Perforce learn more .

VI and Emacs

Other Languages

Remote Collaboration

Opening to a Shell