For those users who want to get early access to the features and bugfixes of upcoming Sigasi Studio releases, we have set up an extra release channel, called "Sigasi Preview".

The Sigasi Preview release channel offers more frequent releases than the official releases. This page gives an introduction to the most important changes.

Although these preview releases are less rigorously tested than than the official releases, they are stable enough for daily use.

If you run into any problems, please let us know.

Current preview release

These features are available in the current preview release.

SystemVerilog improvements

All SystemVerilog is processed in a predictable order and Sigasi keeps track of the preprocessor state. This avoids problems with the `ifndef ... `define ... pattern. This also allows us to offer full support for include files. You can edit include files as if they were included in a Verilog file. This requires no extra configuration, except for setting your include paths.

What features are already supported?

  • Syntax error feedback: All valid SystemVerilog-2012 code should be accepted as valid code. Most syntax errors should be flagged.
    This works for both SystemVerilog and Include files.
  • Preprocessor/Macros: Macros are fully supported. You can preview the text expansion with a hover or in the “Preprocessor View”.
  • Include paths can be specified by right clicking a project, selecting Properties, and opening the Verilog Preprocessor page. Currently, only project-relative paths are supported.
  • Open Declaration and Find References (for regular Verilog Code).
  • Autocomplete (Ctrl+Space):
    • Syntax: autocomplete for keywords and identifiers
    • Fixed Templates: these templates can be modified
    • Smart Templates: module instantiations
  • Integration with an external compiler (Riviera-Pro, ModelSim, NCsim).
  • We have a first version of SV formatting. Clean Indentation (Ctrl+Shift+F). Note that this formats the entire file in the editor; formatting selections is not supported yet.

What SystemVerilog features are we currently working on?

We are currently implementing the scoping rules of SystemVerilog. This will result in better semantic highlighting, Find References and Open Declaration for all SystemVerilog code.

New VHDL formatter

In Sigasi 3.4 we introduced a new formatter. In some cases the behavior was different than the previous version. Sigasi Studio 3.5 will contain fixes for the reported issues.


  • Open Design Unit: Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Libraries View for SystemVerilog
  • "Set Toplevel" in Libraries View

Update or install?

You can download the Stand-alone version of the latest preview version from:

You can also update from (configure via Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites > Add...) :

SHA Sums (more info) can be checked via


We welcome your feedback trough the usual channels or the comments below. Note that comments are cleared after each official release.